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Introducing Metacare

An inclusive, all-in-one Web3 benefits marketplace

Access health, wellness, and livelihood benefits worldwide,
with zero service fee and corporate rates for all.

Be a trend-setter, show you care!

Take charge of your health and wellness, pick your own benefits. Choose from tiered memberships with access to all perks, or custom bundles that fit your lifestyle. Join the Care Community and spread the word.

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Comprehensive benefits, from the best for the best!

From telemedicine to medication delivery, mobile data plans and better banking rates to women’s health needs - access holistic, modern, and curated benefits at your fingertips.


Secure. Simple. Stable.

Your data and transactions are safeguarded within MetaCare's Web3 blockchain ecosystem.

Check policy documents, submit claims, book appointments and manage all benefits-related matters seamlessly on your smartphone anytime, anywhere.

With our $CARE tokens, you are granted member and
stakeholdership, giving you a say in our governance. You are entitled to hold your lifetime tokens or gift, trade, or sell them as you please.

Discover the benefits of MetaCare


Online consultation with a healthcare professional

Doctor Appointments

Direct booking with doctors

Mental Health

Access to psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists

Medication Delivery

Online orders for
over-the-counter and prescription medications


Covid-19 and preventative vaccinations for all ages

Wellness Supplements

Vitamins, supplements and health products

Women’s Health

Services and products for women’s health


Coverage for accidents,
travel, illness, Covid-19
and more

Data Coverage

Preferred pricing on data and mobile plans

Loan Rates

Preferred rates for financial services and e-banking

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Create an account and enjoy discounts within seconds.

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Why do we care?

Over 1B gig workers make up one-third of the global workforce today.And this talent pool is only growing bigger.

The gig population is estimated to double in the next five years, as more people want flexibility on how they earn their income.

- Over 83% of corporates are actively looking at increasing the benefits to retain and attract talent.

Cost of care increasing an average of 10% annually is slowing their adoption and plans for broad based benefits coverage.

MetaCare is a solution to bring affordability back to benefits, providing the support needed to take care of teams.

Meet the team

Varun Panjwani


Daniel Torres


Jonathan Cosino Jaranilla


Charz Mendoza


Jem Chua

Head of Strategy

Evonne Chow

Head of Marketing

Sherrie Tan

Head of Partnerships

Patricia Gaw

Head of Corporate Acquisition & Growth


Sheila Marcelo


Founder & CEO


Gabby Dizon



Yield Guild Games

Ron Hose




Jeff Garzik




Jeannie Lim


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