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Corporate Benefits

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We’re so competitively priced that you get to save 30% and more! And get to control the exact cost you spend per employee.
Our memberships are adjustable based on each employee’s needs, transferable when an employee leaves and flexible according to your budget.
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We know you want the best, so we offer premium providers. If you have a preferred provider in mind, we’ll do the talking for you.
Our app, powered by blockchain offers security, stability and convenience so everything is managed easily on one platform.

Corporate Membership Plans

Our customized corporate plans start from as low as a one-time cost of ₱4,990.

One-time payment, lifestyle membership

Corporate pricing exclusive to large corporations is a thing of the past. Now, no matter your company size, your teams can have access to a network of benefit providers, at the lowest price possible.

We can also pre-negotiate products and services to ensure your teams are well taken care of. Tell us what you want—we’re all ears!

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Doctor Appointments

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Mental Health

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Medication Delivery

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Wellness Supplements

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Women’s Health

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Data Coverage

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Loan Rates

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With our custom membership plans, employees can now decide which health, wellness and lifestyle benefits suit their needs best.

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